ECIV 3056 FA & FB Mechanics of Solids

  • Three dimensional concept of stress and strain; stress-strain relationships for plane stress and plane strain; equations of equilibrium and compatibility; transformation of stress in three dimensions; Mohr’s circle of stress and strain; inelastic flexure and torsion behaviour; unsymmetrical bending; curved beams; shear in unsymmetrical sections and shear centre; shear lag; torsion of open and closed thin-walled sections; membrane analogy; theories of failure and limit analysis; stresses in thick-walled pressure vessels and rotating disks; fatigue failure; stress concentration; elastic and inelastic buckling of columns.

ECIV 3335 FA Structural Analysis

  • The analysis of beam, truss, frame and composite structures. Classical flexibility methods with emphasis on energy principles. Virtual work and Castigliano’s Theorems; Maxwell’s and Betti’s Laws. Deflected shapes, structural behaviour and approximate methods. Moment and shear distribution. Stiffness method of analysis. Use of symmetry and anti-symmetry. Muller-Breslau principle.

ECIV 1630 WA Theory of Structures

  • Analysis of statically determinate structures including trusses, beams, frames and three-hinged arches; influence lines for beams and trusses; deflection analysis using moment area and conjugate beam principles; virtual work as applied to trusses; analysis of statically indeterminate beams, frames and trusses using consistent deformation principles; moment distribution method for beams and frames without sway. Computer applications.

ECIV 1111 WB Dynamics I

  • Principles of dynamics and their application to engineering problems; particle and rigid body kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, kinetics of plane motion of rigid bodies, mass moments and products of inertia.

ECIV 0510 WA Rock Engineering

  • Rock and rock mass; rock classification and index properties; rock strength and failure criteria; initial stresses; planes of weakness; rock deformation; rock slope engineering; rock foundation engineering; rock underground engineering; subsidence and ground control.

ECIV 5014 WA Stability of Structures

  • Stability of structures subjected to static and dynamic loads; dynamic buckling characteristics of structural elements (beams, columns, frames, arches, plates, shafts); analytical methods for solving stability problems; single and multi-degree of freedom structures; continuous structures; non-conservative systems

ECIV 5691 WA & SA Reliability and Risk in Civil Engineering

ECIV 5739 WB Dynamic Stability of Structures

ECIV 4969 WA Degree Project